How to choose an online casino? A quality virtual institution is, first of all, it must be decent honest. The parameters of honesty and decency of an online casino cannot be measured in any way other than as a result of game interaction with it. Experts of our website say that all people perceive other people and the world around them to be decent and honest until they prove otherwise. If you apply this rule to a virtual casino, as a result of the game monetary interaction can be so that the gaming establishment, for example, will prove that it is not fair, but the result for the player will be pitiable – he would remain without money. If you are interested in more information on how to choose a safe online casino, you can visit our website or find more at The first and the most important sign of quality online casino is a license or a document issued by regulatory authorities that the institution meets the requirements of the legislation and is legal. Important! In order to check the license, you should go to the casino portal, and at the end of the main page to make sure there is a reference to the authorization of gambling activities documents. Also, the presence of a license may be in the form of an interactive icon or logo of the body-licensee. Translated with (free version)